Hema Upadhyay's brother, colleague want her name removed from online campaign for justice

After the arrest of artist Chintan Upadhyay in the sensational Hema Upadhyay-Haresh Bhambhani murder case, close aids and colleagues of Chintan and Hema had started a campaign on the social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter, demanding justice for Hema and Chintan.

Now, Hema's brother Deepak Prasad and her colleague Sanchu Menon have demanded that Hema's name be removed from the campaign if they collaborating Chintan's name with Hema's. According to them, Chintan is the prime accused in this case, so why do they need justice for Chintan?

Chintan and Hema Upadhyay

“We don’t need any sympathy from artists. When Hema was alive, no one came forward to help her. Now, suddenly a group of artists have woken up and are showing sympathy towards her,” Deepak said.

Menon, while speaking to mid-day, added, “We suspect someone in this group, who supports Chintan too, is behind helping accused Vidyadhar Rajbhar escape from the city. Many times Rajbhar’s mobile location was traced where most of the artists reside. He added, “Our simple demand is to remove Hema's name from campaign.”

However, Somu Desai, a close aid of both Chintan and Hema, explained, “Chintan is not an accused. There are just allegation against him. He is innocent, but few people want him to be declared an accused as soon as possible. Hema and Chintan both are our close friends, which is we are running the campaign with both names.

According to sources, artist friends of Chintan and Hema have started a social media campaign for the artist couple under the hash tag #JusticeForHemaAndChintan

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