Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is adamant that Thierry Henry and Robin van Persie can play together and is sure that the attacking duo share a good understanding.

Robin van Persie and Thierry Henry

The Gunners manager believes that, if the balance of the team is right, Van Persie and Henry are more than capable of striking up a partnership.

Ahead of Sunday's game against Swansea, Wenger said: "They can (play together) as long as the team is balanced. "If it is balanced offensively and defensively then they can. But we are in a structure with two wingers so it is difficult to find the balance. But they can.

 "He (Persie) was always happy when Thierry joined us but what we expect of him now is to continue his goalscoring record he delivered in 2011 and hopefully he'll be ready for another fight.

"It is good because they have a good understanding. It is like having two goalkeepers, (when you have) two strikers when they have a good understanding -- which is not always the case because most of the time they are rivals but this is not the case (with Henry and Van Persie)."

Wenger is also toying with the idea of playing Henry out wide on Sunday. "He can as well (play out wide) because he still has the reflexes of a winger. When he is on the left side he can still pass people and deliver," Wenger said.