Dear Diana,
I am 27 and she is 25. We have been always open about our relationship and our families are aware of it. All this while there was no issue or concerns but now that we are talking about marriage, my girl's father has thrown a fit. He feels I am not suitable for her. My parents have also met her folks. At that time no one said anything but now I fail to understand why he is behaving like this. Her father has now started emotionally blackmailing her by saying if she marries me she has to cut off ties with the family. When ever anyone from my side speaks to her father, he tells them that his blood pressure is rising because of stress. What do I do?

Illustration/ Jishu Dev Malakar

Dear Mujeeb,
Your girlfriend seems to be hiding something from you. Why did she not make you aware of it? If she knew her fate, she should have confessed to you long before. It's strange that they had no objection when she was going around with you all this while. What were they thinking, let the daughter have a good time with the guy, but marriage is a no no? This is really strange. You need to talk to the girl to find out what the truth is. Chances are that under pressure she might not reveal the true picture. But if she cares for you, she will tell you what is playing on her father's mind. Tell her you need to know the reason, whether you marry her or not comes later. But you need to know the truth.