Dear Diana,
I went around with this girl for five years. We were serious about each other. But then things came to such a situation that we decided to take a break from each other for a while. We just wanted to give time to each other and reflect before we took the next step. During this period her best friend (who knew everything about our relationship) poisoned her mind against me. And to make matters worse for me, her friend's brother offered himself as a prospective suitor. As both families knew each other they felt this was a suitable match. Now when I am telling my girl I have convinced my family about her, she says she does not want to marry me. I know for sure that she is now interested in her friend's brother. What do I do now? 
- Bhavesh

Dear Bhavesh,
Your girl is so fickle-minded, so can you even trust her now? If she really liked you and knew the extent you went to make your family accept her, she would have not latched on to another guy so soon. She is not worthy of your love. Let her be and you move on in your life. Trust me this is the best decision that you can take. Don't even try to get her back. She is not worth it.