Adult TV star Sunny Leone found an unlikely supporter in Press Council chief Justice Markandey Katju, who said her past should not be held against her. This prompted someone using the handle TheUnRealTimes to tweet: 'Justice Katju is the Buddha to Leone's Amrapali; he will show her the right path.' In Ramesh Srivats's words: 'Always trending. This Justice Katju has become the Justin Bieber of India.' A certain Ro Ro had this to say: 'I agree with Justice Katju. We shouldn't judge people by their past profession. Many people are still alive today because Akshay Kumar isn't a chef.' There was also this observation from Faking News: 'So, Justice Katju watches Bigg Boss, but doesn't like news coverage about it.'

Why the fuss?
Salman Rushdie was a topic of discussion for a while after Darul Uloom Deoband, the Islamic Seminary, asked the government to cancel his visa. Joydas tweeted: 'Those hounding Rushdie, M F Hussain, Taslima Nasreen, James Laine, etc. are products of the same loony factory.' Sam Kirshaw added: 'My sympathy to Rushdie as blasphemy row once again rears its ugly head in the proposed visit to his native land.' Sahana Gollapalli had a question: 'Why don't people talk about other important things in India?'

Another sad ending
Also clogging timelines was Bhanwari Devi after the CBI confirmed before the Rajasthan High Court that the missing nurse was killed. Sunanda Vashisht spoke for many when she commented: 'One will never know the full story, but no one deserves to die like this.' Bhairavi Goswami added: 'CBI cracks the case, identifies location where her body was burnt. Big deal. Will the murderers be punished is the point.' 

The last word
From commentator Harsha Bhogle: 'Forget cricketers, some of us in our profession too want to run away from cricket sometimes, so we can return in a more positive frame of mind.'

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