'Her silence is killing me...'

Mar 02, 2016, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I liked this girl and we were together for seven months. Things were going fine till she decided to take off to Goa with her girl gang a fortnight ago. On her return, she was a changed person. Initially, she started avoiding me and now she has stopped talking to me. I asked her about her change in behaviour, but she prefers to keep mum. Her silence is killing me. I checked with her pals, but they have no clue what is happening on her front. They only told me that towards the end of the trip, she appeared to be disinterested and kept quiet throughout their return trip. I feel it is silly for her to behave in such a manner without a reason. It is not that we fought over some issue. I have been sending her messages and calling her, but she refuses to take heed of anything. What do I do? Her attitude is frustrating me. Why can't she say what is going on in her head?
— Suveer

Dear Diana

Dear Suveer,
Your girl's behaviour is indeed strange. You nor her pals know what went amiss during her trip to Goa. It appears that something went wrong during the trip or perhaps she got to know something that is affecting her. Whatever it is, she needs to tell the truth. Perhaps she needs help, but by being silent and wallowing in self-pity will not get her anywhere. There is something definitely wrong on her front. Adopt a sympathetic approach and tell her that by sharing what she is undergoing can go a long way in helping her overcome it. It is also strange that one of her girl gang members did not reach out to her when she suddenly became quiet towards the end of the Goa trip. Check with them where they went and what they did. Did she spend time alone during the trip, away from the rest? Once you have found the info, then perhaps the picture will be clearer. Unless your girl suffers from severe mood swings and she is currently in that depressed phase. Either way she needs urgent help.

Diana will solve it!
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