While every true-blue Mumbaikar already has it in his DNA, every migrant soon realises that there are three magic words that have a very good chance of getting you out of sticky situations with the traffic cops jau dya saheb (please let me go/ let this one pass).

Those three words, preferably delivered in the right accent, can see you get off with a short lecture and a warning; or the offer to pay a bribe and avoid shelling out the actual, bigger fine.

In the era of Anna Hazare, however, cops are becoming more careful in the way they indicate that they may be open for a ‘settlement’, as the Anti-Corruption Bureau found out following the arrests of 181 policemen in six months for bribe taking.

It turns out that, cops across all levels are beginning to use more than the obvious references to bribes chai-paani, baksheesh and come up with more innovative phrases and techniques.

To ensure that you, dear reader, do not miss out on such cues should you want to report the cop or, ahem... here’s a list of all such ways found out by the ACB. Stay vigilant.