Here's the bottom line

Oct 11, 2011, 10:12 IST | Special Features

Stars today love to make a statement with their tattoos. And SRK is seen to be sporting one for a film. So, when we asked Shah Rukh if tattoos had become a form of jewellery for men, the actor said, "I think it is easier to wear bracelets or rings than it is to get inked.

I have heard that getting a tattoo can be quite painful. I am wearing one for a film, and though it's a fake one, it's quite permanent in nature. It doesn't wear off for days on end. But please don't think that I am not having a bath for weeks (laughs out loud)."

And where does SRK like to see tattoos on women? Pat comes the naughty reply: "I like to see them on the lower back.

So, when they wear low waist jeans or bend down, one can get a sneak peek!" Shah Rukh, we hope you're only seeing the tattoos and not something else!

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