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Sep 24, 2011, 06:49 IST | Varun Singh

A week after the fiasco at a gay party in Jogeshwari, the community has organised a gathering today to show its members the legal way to have a good time

After years of persecution and discrimination, the law of the land finally allowed the gay community to emerge from the darkness and flaunt their natural colours.

Many came forward and organised theme parties meant exclusively for the gay community.

After cops arrested gay revellers from a party in Jogeshwari,
members of the community opine that staying indoors is not
the solution to tackle the issue

However, a week ago, the cops busted a gay party at Jogeshwari and penalised the revellers for violating the law and not having the required police permission.

Now, the community will throw a party and show its members how it's done. The party will be a fine example to educate them of the fundamentals of the law and taking care of all legal formalities.
Titled the 'Gay Bombay Solidarity Party', it is an attempt to display their feeling of camaraderie.
"The purpose of organising this party is to show the community how safe parties can be held by following police rules," said Vikram Doctor, the founder of Gay Bombay, and the organiser of the party.
And even though some have been hiding behind closed doors following the raid, several outspoken members of the community opine that staying indoors is not the way to tackle the issue.

Explaining the need for such a party, a fellow member, said, "After the raid at the party in Jogeshwari, I had decided that I wouldn't party for sometime.
However, I realised that this was not a solution. We can't blame the police because the required permissions were not obtained."

Next party
"By raiding a party on September 17, the police may think it has killed the gay scene in the city. Tell them it is not so. Come for the special party on September 24 to mark the one-week anniversary of the raid. Be a part of history." 
An online message doing the rounds

Dos and Don'ts
However, this party is not just all fun and games and those who wish to attend the party need to follow certain rules. Organisers have requested all participants to be over the age of 21, carry their identity proof, and their individual alcohol drinks permit.

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