Here's how Farah Khan makes herself look younger

Apr 24, 2016, 09:12 IST | The Hitlist Team

At 51, Farah Khan’s mission to look younger continues. Known for her sense of humour, she is among few in Bollywood to laugh at herself.

Farah Khan
Farah Khan

One of the ways the choreographer-filmmaker makes herself look young is by posing in front of ancient monuments around the globe. She recently felt centuries younger posing in front of The Great Wall of China.

Work took her to Beijing where she made Jackie Chan groove for his film, Kung Fu Yoga. Last month, she was holidaying with family in Rome and posed at the Colosseum which was built in 70 AD. Next on her list is the Giza Pyramid in Egypt.

It began construction  in 2,560 BC. Knocking off age just means taking a flight to a city with an ancient monument.

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