As a New Year dawns, and Mumbaikars are still feeling the after-effects of the December 31 revelry, we enter a year with mixed feelings and some resolutions which may be personal, but on a pan-level affect the country, too.

While the Bangalore bomb blast brought about gloom as the year raced to a close, it was a sharp reminder about how terror continues to throw a long shadow across our lives.

Let 2015 be about the people. Instead of constantly blaming the administration, the government, or civic authorities, let people start taking the onus towards bettering their lives. Not everybody can fight for causes on pan-India or even pan-Mumbai levels. They may not have the time or the resources to do so.

Let us start small. Contributing in a bigger or more positive way towards your housing society may be one way to improve your living conditions. Take the trouble to educate yourself and others about garbage segregation, or cleanliness. See that your vicinity has enough trash bins. It may be as small as that.

For problems, at least try to find out where the civic authority office is near your locality, and be aware about who one can complain to. Delays and red tape may be frustrating, but hang in there, stick it out, and be determined to see results.

We have seen initiatives like ‘citizen journalist’ that encourage people to report on situations. While all this needs monitoring, it is a useful tool to ensure people become more alert and aware. At the school level, parents can become more involved in Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meetings, to ensure better learning environments for the children.

We have examples of people actually ‘adopting’ certain projects like infrastructure, cleaning up pavements near their homes, or even ensuring better cleanliness and making a huge difference to lives everywhere. They know that when they point one finger at somebody else, four are pointing back at them. Let’s try to see the wisdom in that and harness people power for transformation this year.

Here is to the power within for 2015.