Here's why Ayesha Adlakha is not comfortable using set props

Ayesha who plays DJ Revati in 'Girls On Top' has taken method acting to a whole new level. While she was learning turntable skills in order to play her character of a disc jockey more accurately, she even bought all of the equipment and continued practicing at home. Eventually, she decided to just use her own turn tables and DJ mixer while shooting as it felt more natural to her.

Ayesha Adlakha
Ayesha Adlakha

On using her own DJ mixer, Ayesha said, “In the same way a tennis player finds it difficult to play with somebody else’s racket, I need my own mixers to get the feels. I carry my own mixers wherever I go, they complete me.”

Ayesha plays DJ Revati who is one of the three main characters along with Isha (Saloni Chopra) who is a young TV producer and Gia (Barkha Singh) who is a journalist. Girls On Top revolves around the lives of these three girls as they break the stereotypes against women and work towards making a name for themselves.

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