Washington: Accusing Donald Trump of inciting violence, Hillary Clinton called his attitude towards certain groups as ‘bigoted’. She also called for a rejection of what he is doing.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton. Pic/AFP

Clinton said Trump incites violence in his audience. “He actually incites violence in the way that he urges his audience on, you know, now talking about punching people, offering to pay legal bills… we know that he has been incredibly bigoted toward so many groups, he talks about deporting 11, 12 million immigrants. We’re a nation built on immigrants,” she said.

“There’s just so much of what he’s doing that I think we all have to reject. Because it is so at odds with our values. You don’t make America great by tearing down everything that made America great,” Clinton said.

In response to another question, Clinton claimed foreign leaders are ready to endorse her to stop Trump. “I’m having foreign leaders ask if they can endorse me to stop Donald Trump,” she said. She did not name anyone, but said the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has endorsed her publicly.