Himesh's happening

Himesh Reshammiya has always made headlines, be it for his nasal voice, the infamous cap or his sensational comments. And now that he's out of hibernation, we're sure the trend will continue. Having recently performed a webcert (online concert), the composer, singer who boasts about having performed in over 122 countries to packed houses, is all excited about a musical Navratri. This enthusiastic Gujarati talks to CS about the festive spirit:

Who: Himesh Reshammiya
What: Talking about his Navratri celebrations and his music
Where: At his office

Dandiya beats
I love the festival of Navratri. My mom decorates the house and conducts the necessary rituals. I too participate in all the poojas done at home. When I was in college, I loved playing dandiya. And I preferred dancing to the traditional dandiya music than the dhinchak beats. However today, when I perform at concerts during Navratri (last week, I went to Rajkot), I realise that I have to incorporate all the dhinchak beats, because that's what the audience likes.

On a song
I've composed almost 500 songs in the last year-and-half. I purposely took this long a break. And the result is for all to see -- my composition Teri Meri from Bodyguard has broken all records as the highest number of ringtone downloads. I also recently conducted a webcert, an online music concert, which was so much fun. And then there's At Da Edge. I've written 15 songs in English and am going to collaborate with an international artist for each track. The first one is going to be with Roman White, the director of some hit Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift videos. So many international stars and collaborations get spoken about in our country, but I want the global audience to speak about an Indian artist with the same respect. I'm going to make sure I crack the global sensibilities, and am going to make the effort to not sound like a wannabe.

Cap it all
I'm not scared of anybody and so I don't get hassled with comments passed about my dressing. The cap, let me tell you, is back. Frankly, I started wearing it because I lost a lot of hair. Then I got hair transplant treatment done and stopped wearing it. But the absence of this lucky charm has cost me much -- my last three films flopped. So you'll see me sporting it once again. In fact, I'm soon going to bring out an album - At Da Edge, in which you'll see me sporting a brand new look. R&B artist Rihanna's stylists are going to style me in this album, so wait and watch.

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