Himesh Reshammiya gears up for some action

Himesh Reshammiya hopes to lose weight in the next couple of months. And he's set a rather ambitious target too. He wants to be lighter by 10 kilos by February. All this, for a new action film and an upcoming reality show. So, while you can expect to see Himesh sporting a new look, rest assured that the cap will stay. He tells CS why:

Lucky charm
The cap has proved very lucky for me. There was a phase when I took it off, and then all my projects bombed. I'm going to always wear it now, in my films and TV shows too. It feels good to know that I've finally got a film that's clicked with the audience. Otherwise, you know that I've been panned for my work in the past.

Scoring a ton
I've received my share of criticism for my voice and films. But of late, I'm being left alone. That could be because by now I have a repertoire that speaks for me. I've finished a hundred films. I must say that Salman (Khan) bhai has been very lucky for me. I owe my career to him. My first film was with him and my 101st project, Bodyguard, was again with him. And his involvement with the latter was tremendous. Salman bhai can smell a chartbuster very easily.

Master your game
I might be called the Jack of all trades, but I know what my strength is. I know that I'm best at composing. It was only after I'd done well in that area that I shifted the gear to singing and then after getting a few nods, moved to acting. But I wouldn't recommend too many youngsters to aim to be that versatile. It's best to specialise in one area. Even if it's singing, it makes sense to have a forte. I don't advocate versatility too much.

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