Arun Jaitley managed to clog timelines for his oratory skills in Parliament as he questioned the government on a number of issues. Satish Suggala tweeted: ‘Jaitley shows his width and expertise at analysing cases, trying to make sense of the Assam situation.’ Someone using the handle Anku6 had this to say: ‘Sushil Kumar Shinde was reading out his prepared speech like a fifth class student. Jaitley, on the other hand, was class.’ There was this comment from Nigel Britto: ‘Respect to Jaitley. That guy must have been one heck of a lawyer back in the day.’ And from Ratnakar Sadasyula: ‘Jaitley versus Shinde. It’s no contest at all. This guy will prove to be a bigger embarrassment than Shivraj Patil.’

Another battle
Baba Ramdev was another trending topic following his continuing protest against the government at Ramlila Maidan. KJS Arora tweeted: ‘Any movement against the corrupt needs to be supported by all, regardless of who is leading that movement.’ Punit Modhgil agreed: ‘Go Baba Ramdev. The Lok Sabha at Ramlila is more representative of our nation than our parliament today.’ Asma Rizwan disagreed: ‘Frankly speaking, we have had an overdose of fasts. They have lost their sheen.’ There was also this comment from Sandeep Mall: ‘The return of Ramdev in Shakespeare’s words: It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.’

Wish lists
‘18 things I want’ — that, for no apparent reason, was another trending topic. Here’s what made the list: ‘To be successful at everything I do in life,’ ‘to be in a relationship that will last and be taken seriously’, ‘to have a normal sleeping schedule again’ and ‘a closet that gives me new clothes every time I open it.’

The last word
From filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt: ‘Artists are brave people. Any time we create something and share it with someone else, it is subject to criticism.’

— Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online (