His ticket to ride

Oct 25, 2011, 07:19 IST | Lindsay Pereira

The week began on a good note for Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh after the Delhi High Court granted him bail in the 2008 cash-for-vote case. It restrained him from leaving the country without its permission, but that wasn't enough to stop the barrage of tweets expressing annoyance.

In Satish Suggala's words: 'Amar Singh and BS Yeddyurappa are working on a book titled Fantastic Lies and How to Live Them. Chapter 1: Chest Pain.' The ever-reliable Faking News weighed in with this: 'Singh got bail on medical grounds. Yeddyurappa wants his doctor's contact number. Karunanidhi asks Kanimozhi if she's feeling alright.' And a query from Ramesh Srivats: 'Singh out on bail? Who will Kalmadi play monopoly with in the evenings now?'

Speaking of tickets �
Team Anna member Kiran Bedi, under fire for allegedly inflated travel bills, said trustees of her NGO have asked the travel agent to return money to organisations from which more money was taken. The move didn't stop her from becoming a trending topic for the second time in seven days. Someone using the handle Freegeek tweeted: 'Bedi is a victim of poor career counselling. If she was an IT consultant, fudging bills would be perfectly legal!' Sridhar Krishna, however, was 'disgusted with the outrage against Bedi by people who never showed such outrage against Raja or Kalmadi.'

On anger management
A number of people chose Twitter to share their reasons for 'getting real mad.' Reasons cited included 'when people can't admit they are wrong', 'when people take stuff without asking', 'when someone asks the same question all the time', when people call only when they want something' and 'when people wake me up, especially when I'm having a good dream!'

The last word
From writer Chetan Bhagat: 'Some foreign media houses love to carry 'poor little pathetic India' stories. Why? Did an Indian break the editor's heart?'

-- Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online

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