History in ruins

Dec 29, 2011, 08:16 IST | The Features Team

A new book titled, Chittorgarh, The Braveheart of Rajaputana traces the history of the largest fort in the country and serves as a tribute to the brave men who laid down their lives for the legendary city in Rajasthan

The fort of Chittorgarh served as the backdrop to several legendary battles, and is testament to the valour of its people, the Rajputs.

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Among the many legends associated with the fort is that it was built in one day by Bhim, the second of the Pandavas or the sons of Pandu, mentioned in Hindu epic, the Mahabharata.

Chittorgarh, The Braveheart of Rajputana, provides readers with a glimpse into the glorious history of Chittor.
Author Dharmendar Kanwar presents a view of the city through key historical events and photographs by Abhijit Singh Jhala that allow readers to experience the magnitude of the majestic fort that stands over a 180-metre hillock and encompasses 700 acres.

Text and photographs courtesy Chittorgarh, The Braveheart of Rajputana. Author: Dharmendar Kanwar. Photographer: Abhijit Singh Jhala; published by Niyogi Books; Rs 795.
Available in bookstores.

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