It was a nerve-wracking day for Mumbaikars, as calls gave false information that bombs had been planted at the Mumbai Central station and the office of a national daily 

With barely a week having passed since the Delhi blast, the rumour mills are working in overdrive in Mumbai.

The Mumbai police control room received a phone call from an unidentified source yesterday, giving false information that a bomb had been planted at Mumbai Central station.

High alert: In the wake of the recent blasts and threats, security has
been beefed up at the domestic airport in Santacruz. PIC/RANE ASHISH

The office of a national daily also received a hoax call, which claimed that a bomb had been planted within the premises.

Cops undertook a thorough search of the both the premises, but failed to find any explosives.

SMSes with dubious origins were circulated all day, warning people of a bomb having been planted in the American Consulate.

Officials confirmed that security has been beefed up in the wake of the recent blasts and threats. "The hoax calls are a problem, and we perform the same drill for all. Every call is given equal priority, but this exhausts our policemen and dogs," said DCP Nisar Tamboli,w ho is the spokesperson for the city's police force. He added, "Rumours have been swirling about, but police have not recovered anything suspicious. These rumours are being spread deliberately to create panic. People should not believe them."