With inebriated drivers and vigilant cops taking to the streets in equal measure on the occasion of Holi, there was no dearth of drama for our lensman Rane Ashish to capture on camera

Cops had a hard time reigning in a drunk 28-year-old, Abhinav Sindhu, who was caught riding on his two-wheeler in Juhu. His inebriation notwithstanding, Sindhu was quick to notice the camera lenses trained on him, and tried hard not to be photographed

As he struggled to fend off the cops, his pillion rider joined the fray, adding weight to Sindhu’s tussle with the cops

It didn’t take this cop much effort to check Sindhu’s drunken attempts to stumble away from the scene

Sindhu was made to undergo a breathalyzer test, which confirmed that he had been driving under the influence of alcohol; much arguing followed

Sindhu finally coughed up the fine, making sure our photographer captured his honest deed on camera; he was then whisked away by the police