Homemade cheese, up for grabs in Mulund

Jun 24, 2014, 08:10 IST | Dhara Vora

This woman loves cheese so much that she started making it on her own. 27-year-old HR professional, Mausam Jotwani is the woman to go to, if you are looking to buy homemade organic cheese.

Fromage Blanc
Fromage Blanc is a spreadable cheese that works well with breads

A Mulund resident, Jotwani first had a taste of artisan cheese with bread while pursuing a translation course in Germany. "Later, I went to do my masters in the UK where again I had a chance to eat great cheese. But once I returned, I wasn’t happy with the options available," admits Jotwani.

Mausam Jotwani
Mausam Jotwani

She signed up for a short course with a cheese maker in Coonoor, Nilgiris, where she stayed at a farm and was able to pursue her interest in cheese by reading books and making fresh batches.

Saffron-infused Spanish Cheese
Saffron-infused Spanish Cheese

Finally, a year back, egged on by her friends and family , Jotwani started selling small batches of cheese from her own home.

The good news is she will soon be launching a website under the name Cheesewali Co, with more flavours to offer. Currently, she offers Fromage Blanc and savoury and sweet flavours, and soft and hard cheeses such as Goat Feta in brine, and marinated in olive oil, Spanish cheese, and Chevra.

For: The price ranges from Rs 300 to Rs 460 for 150 and 200 gm packs, respectively.
Email: mausam@cheesewali.com
Call: 9920632409

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