Honest Mumbai cabbie returns Rs 89,000, saves cancer patient's life

Nafiq Ahmed Ansari deposited a bag full of cash at Nirmal Nagar police station upon recollecting that it belonged to the ‘duo that got off at the Prince Aly Khan Hospital in Mazgaon’; after checks, cops handed it over to kin of the owner, a cancer patient

Ask any Mumbaikar about his or her opinion of a taxi driver and the immediate answer would involve the terms “arrogant” and “cheat”. But a cancer patient from Assam encountered an exception.

Taxi driver Nafiq Ansari (second from left) with API Sharad Pitale (left), Shahjahan Ali and PSI Sachin Patil (right) outside Nirmal Nagar police station; (below) Ansari’s taxiTaxi driver Nafiq Ansari (second from left) with API Sharad Pitale (left), Shahjahan Ali and PSI Sachin Patil (right) outside Nirmal Nagar police station; (below) Ansari’s taxi

Doctor Annas Ali, a resident of Guwahati, landed in the city on Sunday with his relative Shahjahan Ali, a professor at B N College and resident of Dhubhri, Assam. Ali, who is suffering from cancer, was supposed to undergo surgery at the Prince Aly Khan Hospital in Mazgaon on Monday evening.

To ensure that they do not waste time in travelling, the duo lodged themselves at a hotel on Mohammad Ali Road in south Mumbai. As per schedule, the two left the hotel and took a taxi for the hospital.

They were carrying Rs 89,500, the amount necessary for Ali’s surgery. They duo kept the moneybag between lest they forget to carry it while getting out of the vehicle. Nonetheless, alighting from either side of the taxi, they forgot the bag inside the cab.

Resisting temptation
The taxi’s driver, Nafiq Ahmed Ansari, a Bandra resident, said, “From Mazgaon I got a passenger for Dadar and then for Matunga. None of them sat behind. From Matunga I drove to Bandra. It was while locking the door that I noticed a bag.

It immediately struck me that it belonged to the duo who got off at the hospital. I did not open the bag, so that I could resist the sin of keeping the money, if it had any.

I directly went to the Nirmal Nagar police station and deposited the bag with its officials.” It was API Sharad Pitale from Nirmal Nagar police station who opened the bag and discovered cash and a mobile phone inside.

Tracking owner
He said, “I went through the dialled list and called on a particular number to which most calls had been made. The person who answered the call said the phone belonged to his relative (Shahjahan). We called Shahjahan to the police station and handed over the moneybag after a thorough inquiry.”

Speaking to mid-day, Shahjahan said, “Had the taxi driver failed to returned the money, Annas’ operation would have never happened. You can imagine the importance of money for a cancer patient. He added, “I salute Ansari and the cops, who helped us out. Today, we experienced the honesty and humanity of Mumbai city, of which we had only heard.”

  • SABINO B. D'SOUZA07-May-2014


  • Imran Admani07-May-2014

    May ALLAH reward him with lots of happiness prosperity good health and wealth.. Ameen

  • Vinod Kumar06-May-2014

    God Bless you bhai ..you made Mumbai people proud .Allah will give you more than this ..

  • Shoeb08-May-2014

    Well done. May God Bless you...

  • Gautam kadam07-May-2014

    There still are good Samaritans living on this Earth and Nafiq Ansari is one of them. God Bless you !

  • Indian06-May-2014

    Salute to honest Driver for saving life.....

  • Ritesh Singh06-May-2014

    WOW!!.. what fascinates me ...is the quirkiness of my fellow indians!! had that been a case of robbery, rape or murder, they won't have waited a moment to rant their ugly comments against the whole community here!! While this being the case of utmost dignity and honesty, we are here... expressing our modesty!

  • mukesh06-May-2014

    Hats off to you boss Nafiq may Almighty Allah bless you and your family for saving a cancer patient you have done a wonderful job

  • Cyril Anthony Dsouza08-May-2014

    God bless you Ansari bhai and you will be rewarded a hundred fold

  • sanjay06-May-2014

    God will give money to Taxi driver 100 times of that amount. Amen. well done. God belss all who involve in this.

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  • Samaniyan07-May-2014

    May God bless this honest gentleman who saved a cancer patient. If more people are honest like him in every day life, in every deed our nation will get rid of the cancer of corruption and misdeeds in govt & bureaucracy

  • nimi09-May-2014

    I think with all the greatness of this great guy we must not forget the great cops. Many a time even if the guy us honest the cops take the loot. So God bless this guy and the honest cops.

  • Prash08-May-2014

    Really appreciate that driver returning the bag of money but would he have done it for everybody or was it because the fare was of the same community as the cab-driver ? Generally, these people are so shit poor that they dont hesitate to skin you for a few tens of rupees, not saying its their fault what with the rising prices and low incomes these people have, but think for a minute people - 89,000 is a decent amount of money and to have such a fellow return it would point to only one logic here

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