In a bid to ensure that people don’t dishonour the national flag by littering it on roads or by throwing it in dustbins after the Republic Day, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has initiated ‘Honour the national flag’ drive in the city.

Eco-friendly R-Day: Several NGOs have appealed to the people to use flags made of either paper or cloth Representation Pic

The solid waste management department of the civic body has urged citizens to dispose of the tricolour respectfully. Besides, the department yesterday held a meeting with the Divisional Sanitary Inspectors and Assistant Sanitary Inspectors to ensure the discarded flags are disposed of properly.

“We have educated all the 4,500 Class IV employees who sweep city roads daily to treat the flag with respect. Besides, they have been instructed not to allow citizens to throw the flag in dustbins or on roads,” said Suresh Jagtap, assistant commissioner of the solid waste management department, PMC.

Nation’s pride
“People usually purchase plastic flags from vendors outside schools and colleges and then dump it in dustbins the next day. Hence, we have decided to collect the flag separately so that it doesn’t get mixed with garbage,” Jagtap added.

While Pradeep Dhumal, president of the PMC’s education board, has appealed to all the students from 309 municipal schools in the city to not litter the national flag. “We have send across this message to over 4 lakh students of civic-run schools,” he said.

Meanwhile, Laxmi Narayan, a board member of an NGO that deals in collection and handling of solid waste, said their organisation has appealed to people to use flags made of paper or cloth and not the ones made of plastic. “As it’s difficult to recycle plastic, we have asked people to purchase flags made of eco-friendly materials,” she claimed.¬†