An unruly group of miscreants wreaked havoc early morning at Kandivli station on Tuesday. They even roughed up the local train’s guard Rakesh Sanket, when he tried to stop their rowdy behaviour. Sanket was on duty in the Borivli-bound slow train that started from Churchgate at 4.21 am.

Rakesh Sanket was beaten up by the group of miscreants when he tried to stop them

According to railway authorities, as the train reached Kandivli station’s platform one, a group of hooligans, armed with sticks, started hitting the train. “They stood outside the women’s compartment and started whistling at the women inside and banging on the door and window grills,” said a Western Railway (WR) official.

Sanket heard the commotion and tried to alert the stationmaster. When he attempted to stop the miscreants and shouted at them, they started beating him with sticks. His hand was injured while trying to protect himself.

By the time the stationmaster got out of his cabin, the group had fled from the spot. The train started for Borivli, and was delayed by a couple of minutes, arriving around 5.30 am. Here, Sanket was administered first aid by the station officers and he took the same train back to Churchgate.

After reaching Churchgate station at around 6.45 am, Sanket was taken to Jagjeevan Ram Hospital where he was admitted for 24 hours and treated for his injuries.

Sharad Chandrayan, chief public relations officer, WR, said, “While the guard suffered minor injuries, he continued his duty and then went to the hospital.” S Bangal, senior police inspector at GRP Borivli station, said, “No complaints have been filed about the issue yet.”