A 23-year-old daily-wage labourer from Uttar Pradesh died after falling off a moving train at Kalwa railway station early on Friday.

These CCTV grabs show Jagmohan Jaiswal losing his grip and another commuter rushing to help him
These CCTV grabs show Jagmohan Jaiswal losing his grip and another commuter rushing to help him

Grabs of CCTV footage (available with mid-day) shows the man, identified as Jagmohan Jaiswal (23) from his Aadhaar card, slipping out of the last coach of a CST-bound train — pulling out of platform 2 of the railway station around 5 am — falling in the gap between the tracks and the platform, and another commuter helplessly trying to pull him out. Once the train moved out, Jaiswal was rescued and rushed to Thane Civil Hospital.
He was later shifted to JJ Hospital.

A doctor at JJ Hospital said Jaiswal had suffered multiple grievous injuries, primarily to the head, and succumbed to them on Saturday.

TP Lahane, the hospital’s dean, said he had suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage (a stroke caused by bleeding on the surface of the brain), a subdural haematoma (where blood collects between the skull and the surface of the brain), multiple rib and pelvic fractures, and injuries to the feet, the thorax and the lumbar spine.

A Thane Government Railway Police (GRP) officer said it was initially suspected that Jaiswal had been pushed out by a passenger, but the police ruled that out after recording his statement at the hospital. “Since early morning trains are usually vacant, he couldn’t have fallen out because of lack of space. So, we initially suspected foul play. But he told us at the hospital that he had slipped.”

Rupali Ambure, deputy commissioner of police, central division, GRP, said the youth said he had lost his grip on the pole at the coach’s entrance. “He made it clear that there was no foul play.”

Another GRP official said the police would register an accident death report once JJ Hospital sends its report.

In his statement to the police, Jaiswal said he was heading to Dharavi for work. His family and residence are yet to be traced.