Hosting Oscars stressful for Neil Patrick Harris?

Los Angeles: Actor Neil Patrick Harris is nervous to host the forthcoming Oscars, but he says he'd rather be on the dais than be a nominee.

Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris 

"I'll admit that I'm nervous to host, but it's much less pressure than being a nominee," the 41-year-old actor wrote in an op-ed for The New York Times Magazine, reports

"Your heart's pounding and you have 15 names that you pray to god you don't forget -- and your name's not called," Harris said of being a nominee.

The 'Gone Girl' star said that even winning an award can be stressful under the circumstances.

"Or, even stranger, your name is called, and you're blinded by adrenaline and panic. That's much more nerve-racking to me than going out and saying, 'Our next two presenters are the stars of this movie, please welcome Brad and Angelina,'" he wrote.

Harris is set to host the 87th Academy Awards Feb 22.

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