'Hot Pursuit' - Movie Review

'Hot Pursuit'
A; Action/Comedy
Director: Anne Fletcher
Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara
Rating: 1 star

‘Hot Pursuit’ - Movie ReviewSofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon in 'Hot Pursuit'. Pic/Santa Banta

How often do we see a gratingly commercial Hollywood star suddenly have a great year with great offbeat films, and jumping back to the same old rut? Often, unfortunately, is the right answer, because at some point the star realises easy money is way more comfortable and profitable than gaining miniscule acclaim by working very hard for peanuts in an offbeat film. Such is clearly the case with Reese Witherspoon this time – she had a fantastic last year when she produced 'Gone Girl' and scored an Oscar nomination in 'Wild', and is now back to making easy fluff with 'Hot Pursuit'.

'Hot Pursuit' is exactly the kind of movie you expect it to be – it's supposed to be a chick flick comedy but is ultimately a puerile hot mess without a shred of good humour. The story has been done to death – Witherspoon plays Cooper, a fumbling cop whose new assignment is to protect Daniella (Sofia Vergara), a dead drug dealer's wife from being killed off by other gangsters. As expected, their contrasting personalities clash and 'comedic things' ensue, to the backdrop of loud and grating action.

The thing is we've seen this movie before so many times. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy pretty much made the exact same movie a couple of years ago called 'The Heat'. Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler also made a movie like this a few years ago called 'The Bounty Hunter'. There have been countless other attempts as well, and there is nothing new that 'Hot Pursuit' brings to the table. Strangely, the film is directed by Anne Fletcher, a woman, and yet everything in the film showcases women in such poor light it feels like Brett Ratner made it.

Most of the gags are centered around how different the background and personalities of Cooper and Daniella are. Vergara, who is pretty funny in 'Modern Family' fails to evoke a single whisper of laughter in the film, thereby showcasing her sheer lack of range. Witherspoon was hilarious in the 'Legally Blonde' movies because she let herself go, the 'bumbling' nature of her character in this movie makes her grossly miscast. The lack of good jokes are attempted to be padded on by very loud noises, both from the stars and the ensuing action they get embroiled in, and it becomes more irritating than fun. It's a train wreck from start to end, and it's not the least bit enjoyable.

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