How was autopsy chief in 2 hospitals at the same time?

Oct 19, 2011, 09:09 IST | Akela
RTI activist alleges that the doctor would be frequently absent from JJ hospital, so that he could devote more time to the private clinic he runs
A startling expos � made by an aam aadmi using the Right to Information (RTI) Act, has revealed that the chief of post-mortem centre at JJ Hospital has been neglecting his primary responsibility at the hospital and instead, has been running a private hospital in Badlapur. Moreover, he continues to derive benefits of the Non Practicing Allowance (NPA), while he is busy treating patients at his private hospital.

Whistle blower: Fed up with the delay in securing an autopsy report of
a deceased relative, RTI activist Asad Patel decided to investigate the
reason for the delay. Pic Pradeep Dhivar

The case
Fed up with the delay in securing an autopsy report of a deceased relative who was admitted at JJ hospital in April, Asad Patel, a resident of Jogeshwari, decided to investigate the reason for this delay.

Patel's investigation revealed that the five-hour delay was a result of Dr Ganesh Rathod's absence at the centre.

"I discovered that Dr Rathod lives in Badlapur and owns a private clinic in the area that demands most of his time. He instructs his colleagues at JJ over the phone to conduct autopsies, while he is busy attending to patients at his private clinic," said Patel.

Having decided to expose Rathod, Patel got admitted at the Rathod Hospital in Badlapur on April 27, complaining of tension and chest pain. According to Patel, Dr Rathod personally treated him and had carried out an ECG and a blood test. Patel was later discharged, after paying Rs 750.

The RTI query
After collecting all the documents from Dr Rathod's hospital (copy available with the MiD DAY), Patel filed an RTI query, enquiring about Rathod's presence in the hospital on April 27. Patel was in for a rude shock as the hospital authorities in their reply (copy available with MiD DAY) stated that Dr Rathod was present at the hospital on April 27, and was even paid Rs 7,368 as NPA.

Following this revelation, Patel lodged a complaint against Dr Rathod on August 24 (copy available with MiD DAY) with Health Minister Suresh Shetty, demanding action against the doctor.
"I have also learnt that Dr Rathod visits the hospital just once a week and is bribing the clerks to mark his attendance for the remaining working days," alleged Patel.

The other side
Rubbishing the allegations levelled against him, Dr Rathod, said, "I'm unaware of Patel's complaint. I do not know whom he has complained to. No one was admitted in my hospital on that day."
When MiD DAY brought the documents collected by Patel to his notice, Dr Rathod said that they had been forged to implicate him. "I am in no way related to this incident. He (Patel) is lying," said Dr Rathod.

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