Former actor Raj Babbar's two sons, Arya and Prateik, one a failed actor and the other a promising newcomer, are known to not get along. The situation got worse when in an interview, Arya Babbar, claimed that Prateik was misusing the Babbar name. Prateik's late mother Smita Patil was Babbar's second wife.

However, now it seems the matter has been resolved, with the two patching up after Arya reached out to his stepbrother.  According to a source, "Rajji persuaded Arya to meet Prateik and sort out their differences. The two then met as brothers and spoke their heart out." Babbar was apparently upset after Arya's outburst, and insisted that he reconcile his differences with his stepbrother.

Both brothers deny that a cold war existed between them, with Arya claiming that it was all "media-created". However, when contacted Pratiek said, "I wish my brother lots of love and happiness... People change, relationships change."

When asked about their patch up, senior Babbar said, "At the end of the day, they are brothers. I can't say I was happy with the impression being created that Arya and Prateik were fighting with one another. They're both grown-up boys, and blood is always thicker than water. So yes, they've sorted it out (differences) between themselves, without my interference."