'How do I convince him about our relationship?'

Nov 11, 2017, 07:13 IST | Dr Love

How do I convince the boy I am dating that I am serious about him? He thinks this relationship is just temporary until we find people we are really in love with.
If he is not in love with you, and believes you aren't in love with him either, why does this relationship exist? Why did the two of you decide to get together? Maybe you need to answer these questions first.

My wife decided to surprise me on my birthday by inviting a few of my friends over for a party. She unknowingly invited someone I had a huge fight with a few weeks ago, which was awkward. My friend turned up assuming I had put the past behind me, but I was extremely angry to see him and asked him to leave. This ruined things for all my guests and my wife burst into tears because it put her on the spot. She hasn't spoken to me since and I am afraid this one incident will cause irreparable damage to our relationship, because she believes I have humiliated her in front of our friends. I keep trying to explain that this has nothing to do with her, and that my friends are okay with what happened because I explained it to them, but she won't listen. What can I do to convince her?
This sounds like an argument between children, to be honest. If your wife isn't informed about your petty fights, she can't be blamed for her reaction. Having said that, her refusal to speak to you on account of how a party has turned out seems equally petty. Why don't the two of you go on a holiday or consider dinner at a favoured restaurant, put your lives together into perspective, and recognise that a marriage is about getting stronger when there's rough weather. Speaking about what bothers each of you is the only way to deal with this. There is no magical solution.

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