'How do I get him to pay more attention to me?'

Aug 19, 2017, 06:13 IST | Dr Love

What can I do to make my boyfriend like me more? He spends a lot of time with me but is often distracted, and I want him to pay me more attention without having to ask for it whenever we go out.
If he doesn't pay you enough attention, point out that it's rude and you don't need to meet him if he's not interested. This isn't about being needy; it's about mutual respect. As for making him like you more, I'm afraid that is something only the two of you can figure out. I don't know either of you and can't really help. I would also like to point out that it is a strange request.

My girlfriend wants me to shave my beard because she thinks it makes me look like a thug. My friends, on the other hand, believe it makes me look good, and think my girlfriend is jealous of how this may attract other women. I don't know whom to believe and it's making me angry with my girlfriend whenever we go out. What can I do to get her to leave me alone?
I'm not sure I understand. This is a beard we're discussing, not something related to national security. If you want to keep it, keep it. If you are under some delusion that it is going to attract a lot of women, good luck with that. Do what you feel like for a change, instead of relying on everyone else's opinion.

My boyfriend puts up photographs of me on his own Instagram account, even though he knows I don't put up any pictures of myself. Isn't this rude?
It is. It's also disrespectful because you are entitled to decide how your photographs are being used. Talk to him about how this is a violation of your privacy, because it is obviously something he is struggling to come to terms with. If he doesn't respect that, you shouldn't be with him. Give him an ultimatum.

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