Bandra's latest Italian eatery features all the olive-oil drenched staples of the cuisine and prices that veer towards the exorbitant, but still scores high on service with a smile

Mangiamo is the sort of swish place that you might want to take a friend from out of town to if only because the wait staff is courteous, the interiors are high on aspiration, there's plenty of bread, and the bottle of mineral water on your table is complimentary.

The Bruschetta al Pomodoro has tomatoes and Bocconcini pearls
served on bread and garnished with lashings of Balsamic Vinegar

For entertainment, you could always read aloud from the menu in a mock-Italian accent. The entrance opens into a lounge that allows for al fresco dining, but once you realise that it takes too much effort to play pretend while blocking out the sights and sounds of the real world outside, you might choose to eat indoors instead.
The 74-seater restaurant includes a basement dining area, which can be as private as the number of people choosing to dine there on any given day. If you're hoping to be a part of the buzz, we suspect that your best bet would be to grab a table in the enclosed dining area.

What's to eat?
The five-page menu includes soups, salads, starters, pizzas and pastas tossed in olive oil, butter or cream, including a decadent few that have been tossed in all three.

Non-vegetarians can choose from Italian pork sausage, smoked salmon, Parma ham, calamari or deep-fried squid, prawns and mussels tossed with assorted pastas and sauces. For Rs 525, they also do a Bolognese sauce served over fettuccine in place of the traditional spaghetti.

Within ten minutes of placing our order, a plate adorned with slices of bread topped with bocconcini a semi-soft, unripened cheese juicy tomatoes and shredded basil leaves materialized in front of us. The Bruschetta al Pomodoro (Rs 325) might not be a very adventurous option, but tastes as good as it looks.

Mangiamo is divided into three sections and includes a
basement dining area that can seat up to 37

The spinach and ricotta cheese pasta-mouthfuls in the Raviolo con Spinaci (Rs 495) were surprisingly light, as was the creamy sauce infused with saffron strands. Nice.

If you're looking for a lighter meal, then the familiar Penne All'Arrabbiata (Rs 450) that features pasta in a spicy tomato sauce sounds like it would fit the bill.

The beverage list is as extensive as its expensive, so you might want to skip the excess calories, or head here for an early dinner instead and head elsewhere for more down-to-earth prices.

The staff suggested we try the Budino Di Cioccolato (Rs 260), which is likely to please chocolate enthusiasts. Personally, we would rather they did away with the caramel sauce, so as not to detract from the sweetness of the chocolate. An evening well spent.

At 11/1, Kalpak Corner building, Turner Road, Bandra (W).
Call 26510077/ 88
Mangiamo didn't know we were there.
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