How Maria Sharapova can help you look after your skin...

Tennis heartthrob Maria Sharapova has enough background to provide which can help her successfully promote her anti-aging skincare line, Supergoop.

Maria Sharapova
Maria Sharapova 

"The skincare came up very organically because it's been part of my beauty regime since I was young girl.

My mom always told you've got to think ahead, you have beautiful skin now but have to think about the future. Sun protection just became part of my every day regimen before I went out on the court," the Russian star told Healthy Hollywood.

Maria Sharapova
Maria Sharapova 

Sharapova (27) insisted that thorough skincare must begin while you are young. "When you wear sunscreen you don't see in the beginning the results but it's really skin cancer protection and it is aging and protecting your skin years down the line."

Staying hydrated the key, she stressed. "Hydration is a big part of tennis. I usually drink a half litre of water every morning.

I try to start my day with it. It also helps get you in the regime of thinking constantly about what you put in your body and how much it really does matter," Sharapova added.

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