The man, who jumped to his death from Bandra Worli sea link (BWSL) around 9 pm yesterday, had allegedly pleaded with the taxi driver, whose car he was travelling in, to stop near the bridge, so that he could take a leak.

The revelation came after cops grilled the taxi driver, Samshuddin Sikalkar, 44, who had violated rules by halting on the sea link. The driver said that he had only agreed to stop the car as the passenger had claimed that he was diabetic and couldn't control his bladder. But, instead of attending to nature's call, the man climbed the railing and jumped off the bridge.

Samshuddin Sikalkar at Worli police station after his taxi was confiscated. Pics/ Bipin Kokate

According to Sikalkar, a resident of Dongri, the victim, who is yet to be identified, had hailed the cab near Haji Ali junction at around 7.30 pm. "He said that he wanted to stop at Bandra for some work, and then return to Worli again. But, he never ended up getting off at Bandra," he said. During the trip, the man had also borrowed the taxi driver's phone to make a call. "He told me that his mobile phone had been stolen at Haji Ali dargah and he had to urgently make a call. I handed over my phone and I saw him dial some number, but the call did not get through. He then returned my phone," said Sikalkar.

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Later, on their way back to Worli, the man asked Sikalkar to take him through the sea link. While driving through the BWSL, the passenger suddenly asked the taxi driver to stop the car. "When I hesitated, he began pleading and said he couldn't control," he said. "I reluctantly agreed and the man got off. However, within a few seconds, I saw guards charging toward my taxi. Afraid, I got out, only to see the man stand on the iron railing of the bridge. At that very moment, he jumped into the sea, without screaming. I was terrified," recalled Sikalkar, who now regrets stopping the vehicle.

The police have confiscated Sikalkar's taxi. During a search of the vehicle, the police found the victim's wristwatch, comb and Rs 20, lying on the backseat.

The unidentified victim

Assistant Police Inspector Baliram Sutar from Worli police station, said, "The man was rushed to Nair Hospital, where he was declared dead. He remains unidentified. We are investigating further."

One of the constables at the spot, said, "Due to low-tide, rescue boats could not reach the spot immediately as they were finding it difficult to negotiate the rocks. He was eventually found a few hours later, but there were lots of injuries to his head." Police suspect that he died after falling on the rocks.