Have you ever wondered what you'd do if you were on a plane and both pilots fell unconscious in mid-air?

Delta PlanePic/Tim Morgan YouTube

Apparently, many internet users have posed this exact question on a forum, prompting an airline pilot to explain exactly what to do in such a scary situation.

The ten-minute tutorial was uploaded to YouTube by Tim Morgan, a commercial pilot. In the clip, he shows viewers the cockpit of a Boeing 737 and walks them through the controls.

Watch the video here

Starting with the radio, Tim explains that the passenger would have to put a 'Mayday' call out to Air Traffic Control, who will also assist in landing the plane. Tim then takes viewers through the entire landing from start to finish, highlighting relevant controls that they will need to use in the event of an emergency.

Delta PlaneThe plane controls. Pic/Tim Morgan YouTube


Potentially the most nervy moment comes when he instructs passengers to turn auto-pilot off and take full control of the plane. If everything goes to plan, the passenger should be able to land the plane safely, at which point Tim adds, "Grab a beer from the galley and enjoy the ride down the emergency evacuation slide."

The video has been viewed more than 693,600 times since it was uploaded to his YouTube channel on February 9.

Would you step up to land a plane in an emergency?