Man or animal, change in weather affects every one alike. And if you own a dog or cat, the risks are even higher during the monsoon. Priya Poduva, founder of The Peppy Paws, a boarding and day care for pets, says that pet owners need to take special care of their pets during the monsoon.


“Monsoon is the time when most pets get affected with skin infections, digestive disorders, and a host of other health problems,” says Poduva. So, if you take your dog out for a walk in the rains, dry them out properly. “Clean your dog with dry bath sprays and wipe them off so that their fur is dry. One must use good deodorants for them so that the smell of the wet hair is not there,” she adds.

Wet weather also restricts the movements of pets, including dogs, often causing weight gain. “Due to the rains, outdoor exercises are limited, hence pets like dogs are prone to gain weight. It’s the responsibility of every dog owner to keep his or her pet active during the monsoon. Increase your dog’s indoor activities, if you have to,” she advises.

Saket Shivnharpawar, who owns a seven-and-a-half year-old Pomeranian, said, “I cut his hair before the monsoon and bath him regularly with pet soap, and shampoo him regularly. They lose a lot of hair in the season and so it is good to cut it.” Amol Ghambhir, who takes care of pet dogs, agrees, “This is the season when one need to take extra care of pets. They have to be kept dry as much as possible.”

According to veterinarians, the most common problems that pets face during monsoon are fungal, yeast and bacterial infections, which might prove fatal in some cases. Hence, prevention is a better route to take, especially during this time.
Abhjeet Ghalsasi, who owns a 13-year-old street dog, says that he cleans his dog more in the rainy season as compared to other times.

Ghambhir added that the diet of pets also needs to change during the monsoon, and one’s advised to face them for regular check-ups before monsoon begins. Ajay Sonak, who owns a Doberman said, “We always take him to a veterinarian before the rainy season and bring his medicines for general fever. We also give him a dry bath to keep him clean."