'How would you like your stolen car?'

Serial car thief would take orders for stolen cars from all over the country; would narrow in on models of the ordered vehicles lying unattended on the streets, and then proceed to rob them

In an age when one can get almost anything home delivered, here comes one with a twist. Javed, alias Bablu Mukhtar Khan (28) specialised in what has to be one of the most niche skills on offer in the world of commerce: stealing and delivering cars, according to the specifications of the customer.

All in the business: A history-sheeter with over 100 cases registered
against him and numerous arrests in his criminal record, Javed alias
Bablu Mukhtar Khan was arrested from Malwani, Malad on Tuesday, after
cops received a tip-off about his whereabouts

On Tuesday, the one-of-a-kind entrepreneur was ensnared in a trap laid by officers from unit XI of the Crime Branch. Cops revealed that he would receive orders for specific varieties of stolen cars. He would then scour the streets for the exact model in the dubious 'order', and then use the skills he had acquired as a duplicate key maker to break into the chosen car and race off with them, all in a matter of 15 minutes.

He was in Mumbai on Tuesday answering the call of 'duty', having received orders for stolen cars, which were to be used in the election rallies.

A history sheeter with over 100 cases registered against him and numerous arrests in his criminal record, Khan was arrested from Malwani, Malad on Tuesday, after cops received a tip-off about his whereabouts.

According to the Crime Branch officers, Khan and his family members would receive orders from clients to rob SUVs manufactured by established brands, along with other luxury four wheelers.

Based on the order, Khan would identify the target vehicle, and proceed to deftly rob the lock of the car's trunk. He would then retreat to another car nearby, and dexterously create a duplicate key to the lock, and swiftly gain entry into it. And the car would be gone in 15 minutes. 

"Khan is a professional key maker, and had at his disposal all the instruments required to duplicate keys. He would get orders from all parts of the country, including Mumbai, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh," said API Chinaji Adhav, from unit XI of the Mumbai Crime Branch.

Cops revealed that Khan had over 45 cases against him in Bengaluru itself, and has been arrested many times in the past. He was born in Bhagat Singh Colony in Goregaon, and was a resident of Bihar. A special order for stolen SUVs for the BMC election rallies had brought him to Mumbai. 36 cases were registered against him in Pune, and 15 in Mumbai.

Khan's brother has also been arrested in Pune.

Khan's clientele hailed from lands far and wide, and such was his skill and notoriety that he would also receive orders from bordering countries like Nepal. "Khan would get Rs 10,000 for every vehicle that he robbed," said Adhav.

The police presented the serial heister before the court, which has remanded him in police custody till February 21.

Gang of car robbers nabbed
Three days ago the officers from Unit XII of the Mumbai Crime Branch also arrested three men for allegedly robbing four wheelers.

The arrested accused have been identified as Farzanali Shrabali Khan, Zalil Ahmed Shaikh and Avinash Mishra, all residents of Dharavi.

Cops received a tip off that the trio had assembled in front of the Gujarat Gaurav Hotel in Dahisar, to rob a diamond trader.

The waited in ambush at the spot and arrested them. During investigations, the officers learnt that the gang used to hire SUVs tour and travel officers, and on their way, they would assault the chauffeur and abandoning him, would make off with the vehicle.

The gang would then sell the cars in other states or use them for dacoities.

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