Hrithik Roshan gets trolled on Twitter over Manipur tweet blunder

Just two weeks after being trolled on Twitter for tweeting about 'The Dress' (read more), Hrithik Roshan has yet again landed himself in trouble by posting an inaccurate tweet about the Manipur attack and is facing Twitterati's wrath.

Hrithik Roshan gets trolled on Twitter over Manipur tweet blunderHrithik Roshan got trolled on Twitter over Manipur tweet blunder

On Thursday, news came in that at least 20 soldiers were killed and 11 others injured when militants ambushed their convoy in Manipur in the worst such attack on the Indian Army in a decade. (Read the full story)

Hrithik Roshan took to Twitter the same day to condemn the attack and wrote, "My heartfelt condolences to d families of the 20 jawans killed in a mindless ambush by Manipur tribals...Salute"

Expressing disapproval over the use of the word 'tribals' instead of militants in Hrithik's tweet, Twitterati started reacting. Though the 'Bang Bang' actor corrected his mistake five hours later in a tweet that read, "Correction- unidentified Manipur tribal militant groups .. To be more precise", the damage had been done.

Here are some of the reactions to Hrithik's tweet:

Santoesha Bissesar @MsSantoesha: .@iHrithik Not by Manipuri tribals.By militant group.No wonder ppl think actors r only a pretty face-body w/o brains

@iBratati To err and apologize is human. To err and care a damn about it is @iHrithik

Tenzing L @tenzinglungten: @iHrithik what an ignorant man you are. learn the difference between tribals and Militants.

Utpal Borpujari @UtpalBorpujari: @iHrithik: "Manipuri tribals" equivalent to terrorists? Should 't you be using the term "Manipuri terrorists", or "terrorists in Manipur"?

Valhalla the viking @valhalla_ People of #Manipur , Hrithik Roshan is seriously dumb or just plain insensitive!!! Boy what a faux pas....!!

Bhaskar Papukan @BhaskarGogoi: @iHrithik Not by Manipuri tribals. But by militant group. Don't blame innocent Manipuris.

thang phymphu @Thangfymzz: @iHrithik r u high?? Seriouslyyyy?? Manipur tribal?? Goshhh i dont expect such ignorant statement from a star like u..

sangram v singh @sangy80: @iHrithik u should be singing (I'm a barbie girl in my barbie world)in your head right

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