Hrithik Roshan has apparently refused to attend an awards event because the channel that will telecast it is pro-Salman

The Salman Khan-Hrithik Roshan imbroglio appears to have gone further. Now apparently Duggu is not keen to be part of a film awards ceremony that will be telecast on the channel Sallu hosts a reality show with Sanjay Dutt.

All this while the awards gala was being telecast on the channel on which Hrithik had judged a dance show. As this is the first time that the other broadcaster is telecasting this starry night, it is pulling out all the stops to get A-list stars for it.

Says a source, "It appears that Hrithik is not too keen to be part of the  event which will be held later this month. He has been put off by the whole issue of him being pitted against Salman and talk of his closeness to Shah Rukh Khan."

Adds the source, "He has apparently cited date issues when he could have possibly adjusted then. Also, the fact that he hosted the dance show on the channel that has lost the telecast rights of the awards night may have influenced his decision."

Recently Hrithik was approached to be the special guest in the house for this weekend's finale of the Salman-Sanju  show. Salman who has been off and on present will feature in the last episode shoot in Karjat.

Hrithik, however, preferred to skip the finale stating that he would be unavailable as he would be travelling on that date. Though B-Town buzz is that it had to do with something to do with Salman's presence on the show.

The Hrithik-Salman face-off
Hrithik had got upset with Salman after the latter commented about Hrithik's  film Guzaarish. Duggu had taken it upon himself to defend his project.
But Hrithik's appearance at Salman's brother Sohail's birthday bash in December 2010 was a hint that the two stars had let bygones be bygones.