With the HSC exams on in full swing, the helplines of the Maharashtra State Board for Secondary and Higher Secondary Education at Vashi, are continuously ringing, getting calls from students who are trying to find solutions to their examination related problems. Some of these calls are from students who are just stressed about giving the exams.

Most calls on the helplines are from anxious HSC students. Picture for representation
Most calls on the helplines are from anxious HSC students. Picture for representation

The state board receives a close to 100 calls every day. Some of them are also from SSC students. “We have children from many standards calling for different reasons. With the HSC exams on, we get more calls from these students”, said Shrikant Shingare, a counsellor at the board’s helpline centre.

Most students have been calling up the helpline numbers to clarify their doubts regarding the usage of calculators during exams. “We receive calls every day asking us whether calculators would be allowed inside the examination centre. However, calculators are allowed for use only by autistic students or those with learning disability,” said Shingare.

Calculators, which are handy for HSC students for subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Math and Bookkeeping, are permitted only for students who are verified with LD or autism, by the Education Board. The second most common doubt amongst the students is regarding the log book, that is used especially during Physics and Math exams.

The students say that they are confused whether the log book will be provided to them at the examination centres or whether they have to carry their own. The board has clarified this stating, “Students can bring their own log book or else the centre will provide the same.

But they should make sure that no formulae nor any other study material is printed or scribbled on it if they bring their own”, said Ashok Sarvoday, another counsellor at the helpline centre. The board also gets numerous calls from stressed students regarding getting writers. They also get calls from students who are simply worried about the exam.

“We get many calls every day from students who panic saying they haven’t studied. We counsel them and help build their self-confidence. We try our best so that they don’t give up half way,” said Shingare.