London: Actor Hugh Jackman is worried about cutting himself on stage when he has to prepare a trout for cooking during his Broadway play “The River”.

Hugh Jackman

The 46-year-old star is getting ready to portray a man who brings his girlfriend to a remote rural cabin near a river to introduce her to night fishing in the play. He will have to clean, prepare and sauté a real trout on stage during his performance, reports

“I love the idea of doing all that, in silence and alone, except I'm on stage in front of 750 people.

“I love the power of theatre to create a moment like that - though if I cut myself and start bleeding all over the place it might not be so silent," said the actor.

Jackman is excited to be returning to the stage in Jez Butterworth's production even though he loves films, he relishes the chance to challenge himself.