"Love u... miss you... love u... miss you." This is the last text message departed Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes sent to his best friend Meagan Simpson while she was on holiday in Hawai two weeks ago.

Meagan Simpson posted these pictures with with Phillip Hughes on her Twitter account
Meagan Simpson posted these pictures with with Phillip Hughes on her Twitter account

Simpson (26) opened up to Australia’s Daily Mail on her ‘only-good-friends’ relationship with Hughes, who passed away last week at the age of 25: “He was always there when you needed him and that says a lot when someone is so famous and when he has so many other things going on. Whenever I needed him he was there. He was cheeky and funny and always made you laugh. He just had a genuine interest in you and invested time into our friendship. I still don’t know how I got so lucky to have him as a friend; obviously he saw something in me. We had both been through pretty bad breakups; neither of us wanted to start anything new and didn’t want to hurt each other.”

According to the Daily Mail, “the pair bonded over late night phone calls, coffee and shopping trips and helped set each other on dates, far from the spotlight over Phillip as an international sports star.”

They met three years ago at a pub called The Palace at Breakfast Point and he was too shy to tell her that he was an Australia cricketer. Simpson was a member of the coaching staff for AFL team Giants at the time and only realised that he was not a banker — as he had told her — when her team members apprised her about his cricket connection.
Australia captain Michael Clarke said to her recently, “you know he loved you so much, that’s all we need to say about it.”

Simpson spoke about Hughes’ personal aspirations: “He wanted to find the right girl and he wanted to have children who grew up on the farm with him up in Macksville. He didn’t care if they played cricket or not, he wanted a family like his family.” She wants to visit the grieving Hughes family three or four times a year, “for the rest of my life.” For starters, she’ll be in Macksville for Christmas and New Year.