Huma Qureshi, what a dish!

The crew used to go to an Italian restaurant to have food in Ashhti Ghat in Benaras and Huma being a health freak ended up being too fussy about the food she ordered.

Huma Qureshi

Amused by her pickiness, after a few days the restaurant staff decided to name a dish after her and put it in the menu. “We used to eat in a restaurant called Vatika and I used to keep telling them to cook it this way or that. I liked having assorted vegetables with less oil. Finally they named a dish after me. It was so sweet. That place has the yummiest apple pie, trust me!,” she said.


Huma celebrated her birthday last week; first in Kanpur, where she went to inaugurate a film festival, and then in Mumbai where her friends and family gave her a surprise party. Her preoccupation with her diet however will help her to get into shape to start shooting for an action role in Nikhil Dwivedi’s next. After the release of Anurag’s movie she will be focusing further on her work out and diet regime to get the correct body for her sequences.

“Right now I am just living out of a suitcase, I am just not getting the time to do anything, but after the release of Anurag’s film, I will concentrate more on my workouts and action sequences I will be doing,” she concludes.  

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