Quote Uncoat is a customised T-shirt design brand that helps you transfer your favourite humourous quotes onto a T-shirt

While there are scores of engineering students who might be cribbing about their pathetic lives, three such youngsters actually turned their boredom into a creative enterprise.

T-shirt spoofing paintball

"Our exams had just got over and we really wanted to get rid of our boredom. We had made a couple of designs for our friends and decided to take it to the next level," says Sagar Khatwani, who along with his batch mates -- Sachin Murthy and Abey Kuruvila  -- at Thadomal Shahani Engineering College at Bandra, founded Quote Uncoat, a T-shirt design company.

The plight of graduates

"We wanted quotes plucked from people's minds to be replicated onto the T-shirts," says Khatwani. That's how they zeroed in on the name of their enterprise, Quote Uncoat, which started in June this year.

Religious bigotry

Their themes range from political issues (an interesting take on Baba Ramdev and corruption) to human follies (people's fixation with showing the middle finger) or just about anything they observe.

Of the three, Kuruvila is the illustrating wizard while Murthy handles most of the marketing and Khatwani handles the creative aspects.

When asked about how they find time to work on their tees in their final year of college, Khatwani says that they work in between lecture breaks and on Saturdays.

Apart from taking bulk orders, they also offer customised T-shirts where you can give them a piece of your mind to be designed and printed on T-shirts.

Next up, the budding engineers-cum-designers plan to offer business cards and company-based T-shirts in the
near future.

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