Hyderabad: Cyberabad police arrested an engineering student who allegedly lured school girls to share their nude pictures on a social networking site and later threatened to upload their photographs on pornographic and networking sites.

Abdul Majid, 21, who posed as a teenage girl, created six Facebook accounts in the name of teenage girls by uploading profile pictures from the internet and befriended as many as 200 girls, according to a Cyberabad police release.

Majid's interrogation revealed that since 18 months, he had browsed for Facebook profiles of girl students of reputed schools in Hyderabad city and sent them "friend requests", the release said.

Since recipients thought that the Facebook account is of a girl, they accepted these friend requests, the release said.

"Majid sent messages posing as a teenage girl and persuaded them to share their secrets, after which some of the girls did so while chatting with him online," the release said.

After this, Majid asked them to share their nude pictures with him. After they refused to do so, he intimidated them that if they do not oblige, he would post the online chat text on their Facebook wall, so that all contacts would read them," the release said.

Frightened by this threat, most of the girls shared their private pictures with him, the release said.

Later, he made calls to the victims from different phone numbers and blackmailed them to share their private pictures, the release said.

"In some cases, Majid insisted that the girls meet him in person and in other cases he made unsuccessful attempts to extort money. He also threatened that if they do not listen to him he would post their private pictures on social media and pornographic websites," the release said.

Investigations revealed that some of them succumbed to his blackmail and shared their private pictures and one victim even paid him Rs 86,000, the release said.

A teenage girl's mother had lodged a complaint at the cybercrime police station on September 7 after the accused threatened to implicate her daughter in a case, unless she shared her nude pictures with him, it said.

Hundreds of private pictures of girls were found on the accused's mobile phone, the release added.