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A 26-year-old techie from Hyderabad has been arrested for allegedly trying to blackmail a woman from Bengaluru into marriage, using her morphed pictures.

According to a report in timesofindia, when the Bengaluru cops reached Hyderabad to nab Borinchi Raju, the latter claimed he was an Intelligence Bureau (IB) officer when, in reality, he is a techie with a private firm. Raju and the woman were classmates in college, and also worked together later, the paper further added. Some years later, the woman quit her job in Hyderabad and moved to Bengaluru.

The timesofindia report further stated that Raju was desperate to marry the woman, and so constantly SMSed her from various mobiles numbers. He, later, posed as an IB officer to get the woman’s email credentials, claiming her account had been hacked.

The report went on to add that the victim had approached Raju to fix a glitch in her laptop during their college days. Raju, however, allegedly downloaded some of her photographs. He kept in touch with her via a fake Facebook account. Recently, the woman's marriage was fixed, after which Raju started pressuring the woman to marry him. When she refused, he threatened to send her morphed pictures to her fiancé.

He even emailed some obscene images to the woman's fiancé. A complaint was filed by the woman and her family, along with the fiancé. Cops then arrested Raju from Hyderabad, the timesofindia report concluded.