I always treated Sana as my kid sister: Aashka Goradia

"I always treated Sana as my kid sister. She was crying in the house when she got allergy and Bigg Boss did not send any medical help for her. She started developing blood clots and I was just trying to comfort her because she was completely broken. I used to apply medicine to her and I don’t think there is anything wrong in it," she explains.

Photos: What's cooking between Sana and Aashka?

Aashka Goradia

According the actress, she is helpless now and cannot do much about it. "I had given them my image and I was under the contract. I never thought that they will project me like this. My family is deeply hurt and the makers of the show have breached my trust. I am still under bond and can’t do anything. I just want to say that I am straight."

Ask her about the infamous Imam episode and she says, "I think he has multi-personality disorder and he needs some help. As far as Nirahua’s comment on me is concerned, it is true that he didn’t do anything even after being a man. Therefore his comment that I over reacted to the situation is right as he did not do anything when Imam was breaking everything outside."

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