'I am 38 and not yet married...'

Dear Diana,
I'm 38 and I always thought that I would have a love marriage. Over the years, I have had relationships, but none lasted. Now I'm thinking of an arranged marriage. My parents passed away a few years ago. I now fear that I am too old to get married.
— Rudy


Dear Rudy,
There are several guys out there who get married in the 30s. So it is not that you are over the hill. Go by the motto, age is just a number. There are guys who get married even in the 40s — so there is time for you. What you have to figure out is whether the woman you want to marry should be closer to your age or much younger. You can avail of matchmaking portals or hang out with likeminded people. Do not go with any predetermined expectations, just go with the flow. Keep your options open.

Diana will solve it!
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