She is so independent and confident. I also love the way she dresses up in her ethnic attires. I think I am attracted to her. Even while talking to her, I have fantasies about her. But I feel terrified that she might freak out if I tell her that I have such tendencies. If I tell her about my feelings, it would really be awkward to live with her.
— Janice

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Janice,
Of course, it will be awkward to stay with her if you tell her. Chances are that she will freak out. I think you find her enchanting. You say you love the way she is in complete control of her life. She is confident and cool. You lack these attributes so you are looking up to her. As she is your roommate you are spending more and more time with her; that’s the reason you are kind of besotted with her. You can tell her that you are enchanted with her. I am sure she will take it in the right spirit.