'I am attracted to dusky girls'

But as time went by, I have realised I am no longer attracted to her sexually. There is no way I can tell her about it as I don’t know how she will handle it. The thing is that I have a fetish for dusky girls. I get turned on whenever I see one. Most of them are extremely attractive. My girlfriend is of wheatish complexion so she just does not turn me on.
— Vishal

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Dear Vishal,
When you got into the relationship, why did you not get the colour code right? It is not as if she was dusky then and now has turned to a wheatish complexion. There are many guys out there who have a thing for dusky girls. There is nothing left in the relationship, if you don’t like her. You cannot be in a relationship based on lies so you need to voice your thoughts. You are 28 and she is 26 so you’ll are mature enough to handle it. Get going before she wonders why you are not taking the relationship to the next level.

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